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Here you’ll find reviews of the big microstock agencies I work with. Make sure to start with the right marketplaces and check the differences in core themes, royalties and sales numbers!
For further details please read the reviews of the single agencies.

Best Selling Agencies

shutterstock logo big
Read my Shutterstock review, the number 1 selling microstock agency for me and many others. They have a strict registration process, but the sales are definitely worth the extra time, especially for illustrators and photographers! Not the fastest selling place for video footage though.
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fotolia logo_kl
Read my Fotolia review, an agency with a focus on European customers and great sales potential. They are probably my second highest earner and have one of the fastest moderation processes in the industry. The sales in total are a good mixture of photography, vectors and video footage. Especially since they have been taken over by Adobe sales have been increasing! read review button

dreamstime logo bigRead my Dreamstime review, one of the higher earning agencies, with a big community and very good social media exposure. They pay comparably high royalties per download and I sell quite a few ‘On Demand’ on their website.
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Medium Selling Agencies

depositphotos logos_kleinRead my review about Depositphotos, a rapidly growing library with a good marketing strategy and fast sales. Their clean and clearly structured website is lovely and although sales are a little too slow for Depositphotos, to make it to into the Top 3, the agency is definitely worth our time!
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123rf logo_klRead my 123RF review, an agency that sells all kinds of stock files. Sales have been picking up steadily with 123RF and they have been moving up on my personal ranking quite a few points within the last year.
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pond5 logo_kl
Read my Pond 5 review, a microstock agency that mostly sells video footage, but also photography, audio files and vector illustrations. Go for it, if you have any footage or animation in your portfolio!
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Low Selling Agencies


Read my review about Mostphotos , a microstock agency  based in Sweden, that sells photography and vector illustrations without a moderation process. Due to the direct approval and the possibility to download your work again, you can also keep the agency as a backup copy of our files. Works better for Photography than for Illustrations.
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motion elements logo_klRead my Motion Elements review, a microstock agency with a focus on stock video footage.
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Read my PantherMedia review, an agency from Germany that is selling especially well for photographers.

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Visit our Microstock Beginners Guide for more Information on how to get started:

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