Contributor Mobile Apps – Selling Smartphone Photography

You walk through the city or you’re on holidays, there’s a beautiful shot right in front of you, but you forgot your camera… Luckily, most of the time nowadays, people have a smartphone on them. Wouldn’t it be great to sell your smartphone photography (phonography)?
And luckily in the 21st century several microstock agencies have launched mobile contributor apps, where you can sell selected images on their websites. This new trend is changing the way stock photography and the stock media market work , all due to the development of mobile technology and the increasing popularity of advanced mobile devices (like smartphones and tablets).

I collected some facts and wrote a small review to all of the following Apps. They are all run by well selling agencies, so you don’t have to wait for your first sale forever.
If you already have a contributor account at the agency, use that to log in. If you’re a new stock contributor, create a contributor account at their website first!

Fotolia Instant by Fotolia

fotolia instant - smartphone and tablet

Fotolia Instant was the first contributor app I started using. The uploading process is easy and the keywording very intuitive, but you should update your Android version, if you don’t want the App to be too buggy. All the pictures you upload, are sold in their Instant Collection.

+ Positive Facts

  • You can check your overall Fotolia earnings
  • Intuitive & fast keywording process
  • Easy to sign up
  • Agency has high sales potential

– Negative Facts

  • App is sometimes a bit buggy
  • Probably quite a few of your shots will first be rejected

Download Fotolia Instant from App Store or Google Play and start selling.

fotolia logo_kl

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Contributor App by Shutterstock


Shutterstock has a number of mobile applications for you to use.

  1. They have an app called Shutterstock contributor for designers and photographers, so they can check their earnings, sales and other statistics on their mobile device.
  2. They also designed an application for photo buyers. It’s a simple photo search with mosaic view, where customers can browse Shutterstock stock photo collection, check image details and keywords, and purchase directly through the App. They can also create lightboxes, as long as they have registered free account at
  3. As the number 1 selling agency for me, I’m especially excited for the news of the new contributor app, where you can sell your snapshots from your mobile phone! But also for this one, you need to be an approved contributor!

+ Positive Facts

  • You can check all of your stats, as well as the performance of your portfolio
  • Intuitive & fast keywording process
  • Agency has very high sales potential

– Negative Facts

  • You need to be an approved contributor before using the app

shutterstock logo_gr

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Clashot by Depositphotos

Clashot Logo - depositphotosclashot - image smartphone

Clashot is a photobank in your pocket. With this app for smartphones by Depositphotos, you can create, publish, discuss and sell photos, by uploading photos for sale directly from your gallery.The App has a more of an social community in their approach than the others. You can follow other contributors and like their photography and comment.

+ Positive Facts

  • Community System within the Contributors
  • Intuitive & fast keywording process
  • Agency has high sales potential

– Negative Facts

  • None until now!

Download Clashot from App Store or Google Play for free, and get a new supplemental source of income!

depositphotos logos_klein
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