The Best Microstock Websites

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There are a lot of microstock agencies out there and theoretically you can sell your vector illustrations, photography and video footage on all of them non-exclusively.
To simplify the overview, I grouped the agencies I recommend in three categories, according to the amount of money they earn me.

Best Selling Agencies

shutterstock logo bigfotolia logo_kl

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Medium Selling Agencies

123rf logo_kldepositphotos logos_kleinpond5 logo_kl

Low Selling Agencies


panthermedia_header_review-smallmotion elements logo_klMostphotos_logo_kl

Now of course these categories only reflect my personal experience selling mostly vector illustrations. If you’re looking for a place to sell your video footage Pond 5 and Motion Elements might be in your top earning category, while Fotolia and Dreamstime only make it to the Medium Selling Agencies.

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