The Beginners Guide – Step 4: Upload & Start Earning Money

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For the actual upload of your work you can either use a FTP-Client (like Filezilla or Cyberduck) or you upload your files using the Flash player-Plugin in your contributor account.

The Moderation Process

After uploading your files, they will be moderated by an employee of the agency. They will decide if your file is accepted and is going online or if it will be rejected. (The only agency without moderation, where your files are directly online is Mostphotos.)

This process can be frustrating sometimes and you may not always agree with the reasons that are presented to you, but keep in mind, that your portfolio looks a lot better without unnecessary files that don’t sell. The moderation helped me personally, to improve the quality of my own portfolio over time! Stay patient, read the reasons for rejection and avoid them the next time.

Images Approved – What’s next?

Congratulations! Your work is out there in the internet, ready to be sold. Give the servers of the agencies a few minutes (or hours) and you can check the statistics and sales of your file! On sites like Shutterstock you will have your first sales within hours, if not seconds! And it’s a great feeling to see your own creative work being sold.

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What will I earn?

Don’t expect big earnings in the beginning. You won’t be rich in two months, with a portfolio of a hundred pictures. But don’t forget that many people live off their Microstock income and many more earn an additional passive salary! Your sales will slowly build up and with every new stock file, that is approved, the chances of selling your work are getting greater. Keep working and soon it will be worth the time spent! (Just as an example: In my first three months I made only $100, but I didn’t stop there…) Once you start to sell more and more files, it will motivate you to keep working on your portfolio.

Good luck!

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