Top 10 Inkscape Design Tutorials

When it comes to creating vector illustrations, one of my favorite alternatives to the Adobe Illustrator is Inkscape. The program is completely free and as an open source project widely available all over the internet.

Naturally you need to learn how to use this powerful tool properly, otherwise you will only be frustrated and quit. But believe me – the more you learn in the beginning, the easier it will be for you to develop your own illustrations later.

I put together a list of tutorials I found helpful. All of them focus on teaching you the usage of a technique included in Inkscape. So even if your might not be interested in creating e.g. an pink elephant, give it a shot and you will be able to employ your new skills on other work as well.

1. How to create realistic grass in Inkscape



On you find a very useful collection of tutorials, everything from creating realistic grass in a vector illustration to creating logos and background textures!

2. How to create a background pattern


Some graphics sell better isolated, but for a lot of them a background pattern of some kind will increase your sales and might even sell on it’s own. Creative seamless patterns sell especially well among website admins.

3. How to create vector rope in any shape


In this tutorial you will learn how useful the “Pattern along Path” function is in Inkscpape! After you understood how you create rope, you’ll be able to do any kind of pattern in any form you wish.

4. How to create a sketch heart vector


From Valentine’s to Mother’s Day – love sells all around the year. So you should include some hearts and love cards in your portfolio, if you don’t want to miss out on the whole market. And even if you don’t feel too romantic right now, keep in mind that vector illustrations that have that hand drawn edge to it sell generally well!

5. How to create a star shaped web button


As simple as icons, buttons and web banners always look – it is essential for all designers to be able make them properly. In this tutorial you will learn how to use the star tool, the aligning function and the kerning tool! This kind of web element sells best in a set.

6. How to create a realistic hand gun


This tutorial  by evatotuts+ will teach you how to make a realistic looking gun by combining several layers and how to create the metal look with a gradient fill! Basic techniques leading to a very nice result. 😉

7. How to illustrate a cartoon hedgehog in Inkscape


Cartoon styles are a great way of using simple techniques to create an astonishing illustration. Follow the step by step tutorial on creating this adorable little hedgehog and you can start creating your own farm of illustrated animals. 🙂

8. How to create a male cartoon avatar


This is a great step by step tutorial by Olga ‘AhNinniah’ Bikmullina that will teach you how to create a male cartoon avatar. After understanding what elements and tools are used, you can start developing your own style and start a series with it. The more different lines of work and types of people you have in stock, the more will sell!

9. How to make your own stamps


Here you’ll learn how to create your own stamps in Inkscape. This tutorial combines some of the most essential techniques using different geometric shapes and vector tools!

10. How to create an effective ad graphic


And finally a very nice tutorial by goInkscape that combines many of the techniques explained above. Here you will see how the process looks like when you are creating a small ad for your own website or a costumer of yours.

For further information and solutions to specific problems check out the Inkscpape WikiHow and the Inkscape Forum. For more tutorials have a look at evatotuts+!

You want to sell your vector illustrations on the internet, but you don’t know how and where? Read the Microstock Beginners Guide and our Agency Reviews!

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