Free AI compatible Inkscape Extension

If you want to create .eps files that are compatible with Adobe Illustrator in Inkscape, you are facing a problem. In the standard version this is simply not possible. And if you’re a microstock contributor, most agencies only accept vector formats if they can be opened with AI.

Luckily Prim András created a great script extension that is easy to install and will give you the great option of saving your work as an Adobe Illustrator 7 compatible .eps file. The script exports layers, groups, paths, clones, clipping paths, fill, stroke and even gradient fill into a format that Illustrator can work with.
I have personally used the script and made very good experiences with it. Even without access to AI I was able to produce and sell vector illustrations on Shutterstock, Fotolia and many more.

Download the extension for free from Prim András’ website here.

ai compatible eps file script extension free download.png


  • All paths that are filled are being closed automatically. (This is essential for stock vectors in any way!)
  • All invisible layers and objects are not exported. (So you won’t find any forgotten elements in your files preview…)

Important limitations to know

  • You have to convert all text to paths before saving the file. Also take care that they are all ungrouped, otherwise the script may think they are invisible and erase them!
  • Path node types are not retained.
  • Circles and elliptical arc segments in paths are converted to bezier curves.
  • Layer names lose non 7 bit ASCII characters.
  • Radial gradients cannot be elliptical, all radial gradients will be converted to circular.
  • Outline gradients are not supported, simply because AI 7 does not support them.
  • No transparency, because the .eps format does not support transparency.
  • Filters are not exported.
  • Path effects are not exported, only the result of the effects.


How to install the script

To install the script, copy the script and its INX file to the inkscape/share/extensions (e.g. $HOME/.config/inkscape/extensions) directory. (If you install a script in your home directory be sure to copy the dependencies. Currently, the best way to find missing dependencies is by reading the error messages produced by running the script from the command line.)

For more information on Inkscape and it’s extensions read the Inkscape WikiHow.


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